iSpeech Lipsync for Unity3d

iSpeech for Unity3d


iSpeech is a standalone Unity3d plugin that works in conjuction with iDirect. iDirect is a staging system for blocking your characters' movements, actions at markers, interactions with other characters and speech. iDirect+iSpeech are integrated with Chat Mapper so that all you have to do is point/click and assign a conversation script to have one or more characters move and interact with each other intelligently. iSpeech lipsync system for Unity3d is robust and fast with easy setup in a clean, easy to use custom editor within the Unity3d Inspector.

iSpeech recognizes 40 phonemes from the AnnoSoft standard and allows for 18 unique visemes via 2-frame FBX files that you simple plug into the corresponding slot with the Unity3d Inspector. With iSpeech, you can have Chat Mapper XML or your own XML files drive the conversation or multiple conversations. When combined with iDirect, you can control the movement of the character on the stage as well as each animation along the way to include blended animations at any point.

We believe in working directly with our clients. There are so many features of iDirect and iSpeech that a very close relationship between our support and our clients is recommended. Because of this, we are offering evaluations of the poducts via this request form. iDirect+iSpeech offer 3 license types: Studio, Developer and Source.



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